Monday, 11 November 2013

Handmade Wreath

I know I promised to blog everyday, but once every couple of days is just as good, right? It's certainly better than my previous track record!
With Christmas fast approaching, once again I started to make another wreath a couple of days ago. But a combination of things - waiting for glue to dry and going away for a couple of days - meant that I have only just finished it! I decided I would challenge myself to make it entirely from scratch - here are some instructions in case you are ever tempted to make one yourself!

Step One
Cut a ring out of cardboard - I found it easiest to use a cereal packet - and use two different sized plates to draw the circle.
Step Two
Coat the ring in papier mâché (newspaper and glue) to make it stronger. I repeated this several times, letting it dry thoroughly in between. If it still doesn't seem very strong you can, like me, always add a ring of wire. I simply cut a length of wire to fit inside the circle and then used masking tape to attach it to the card; before adding another layer of papier mâché.
Step Three
Choose a book - I used the remaining pages of Oliver Twist. Cut out three different sized leaf templates - you need one large, one small and one narrow and long. With the large leaf cut out 30/32 leaves from the pages of your chosen book (I only did 28 because that's when the pages ran out).
Step Four
Stick these large leaves to the wreath (which is now hopefully dry!) You need to place one under the wreath and one on top of it so you make a kind of wreath sandwich. I left a gap of about 1cm between each leaf.
Step Five
While that dries cut out 15 of your small leaf template and 15 of your narrow, long leaf template.
Step Six
Stick a short leaf underneath the wreath in the gap you have left between each of the larger leaves. Make an arch with the longer leaf over the top, so you stick just the two tips of the leaves to each other. Leave to dry.

Step Seven
Find some gorgeous ribbon and thread it around the wreath, or alternatively tie it in a beautiful bow.

Voila! Your very own handmade wreath!
...Miss Jones...

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