Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Hey Dolly

So with the (relative) success of my Easter bunny, I embarked upon a new project. A doll. This time I was all on my own; no pattern, no instructions, just a rough idea of what I wanted the finished project to look like.

The pattern was not too hard to make, the fabric was easily cut and sewn, but the problems began when I started to stuff the body. I cannot sew shoulders. No matter how even they look when pinned neatly, the moment I start sewing, the machine takes over, and ... well, suffice to say, the results are never pretty. 

She also suffers from a serious case of double chin... Unfortunately this cannot be rectified, and is probably not noticeable to others, but that is all I can see (as it often is when you've made a mistake!)

After sewing the body together, I set about making a pair of old fashioned bloomers and petticoat. And, surprisingly, I managed this very well!! A top (slightly more difficult) and skirt (complete with belt) finished off her outfit. Now I just had to give her some defining features; bright blue eyes, a pretty rosebud mouth and golden flowing locks. The locks don't 'flow' so much as hang, or stick out awkwardly, but not everyone's perfect!

So, there we have it, one (slightly) imperfect (but beautiful all the same) doll!!

...Miss Jones...