Sunday, 22 January 2012

Birthday Flowers

Tuesday was my birthday and one of the lovely presents I received was this gorgeous bunch of tulips.

The shapely buds are such a lovely shade of pink in this gloomy month, and definitely brightened up my day, and room!

The tulips also make the perfect display for another heart I recently made. This composition just reinforces the uniqueness of the heart and its quaint rustic feel.

I really love this old-fashioned font; so elaborate and curled. I would love to be able to write like that!!

...Miss Jones...

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Love Hearts

Shopping the other day I was shocked to discover that Valentine's Day is already being advertised!! Although never having been a fan of the day I do love hearts, and consequently was inspired to create these two;

I love anything which has been carefully created using beads and so decided to integrate a few into my design. Beads are quite versatile and I love that they can be used to cover up all manner of mistakes!!

The slightly uneven outline of the hearts gives them a lovely rustic feel, which matches the uneven shapes and sizes of the beads.


Should I make any more? I quite fancy making one with some vintage material on the front, so I'll keep you updated!!

...Miss Jones...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

'I Want This'

Inspired by some post-it notes I received for Christmas I decided to create this sweet and rustic brooch.

It was sewn entirely by hand, and (surprisingly) didn't take that long!

The stitches may not all be neat but I think that just adds to its rustic appeal, especially when you add a candle into the scene!!

...Miss Jones...