Sunday, 10 March 2013

Easter Bunny

 As Easter was drawing near and I was currently without a project, I embarked upon this little bunny. The pattern was taken from Sarah Moore's lovely book ( and was actually surprisingly easy and quick to make!! I used a lovely, but sadly moth-ridden, vintage wool blanket, to cut out my bunny template, stitched it together quite carefully, turned it inside out. And ended up with a rabbit that has one ear longer than the other, body-builder's shoulders and one leg longer than the other. Oops!! Nevertheless I filled it with stuffing and lavender and sewed up the seams. A few stitches across the arms and neck to give him shape, and he still, sadly, had body-builder's shoulders. 

So, I commissioned my mother to knit some mittens and a scarf (despite being able to sew, I still have not managed to knit), added a cute little bunny face, and voila! He looks like a rabbit!!! The scarf and mittens are much needed, as despite being March he is still too cold to  go out sans clothes!

Oh yes, and he's got a cute tail.

...Miss Jones...

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  1. Cute bunny ... he'll need his scarf and mittens on in the snow today!