Thursday, 22 November 2012

Having My Cake And Making It Too


So after a ridiculous amount of time spent procrastinating, I have finally finished something! I honestly can’t believe it’s taken me so long – but you know what it’s like; you start something, abandon it, start something else, abandon that, go back to the first thing, get bored and do other ‘important’ things instead!

This was inspired by (well, I’m sure you can tell) cake! Because who doesn’t love a huge slice of cake, a dainty cupcake or a delicious biscuit? The cupcake was definitely missing that elusive ‘something’ that brings everything together, so I decided to experiment with some beads. And I now love the finished project; just a sprinkling of beads has livened up the whole thing!


The frame definitely had to be painted in one of my favourite colours – Cranberry from Laura Ashley – I just love how bold it is! A carefully chosen piece of faded sheet music to cover the ugly board behind completed my project.


...Miss Jones...

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