Saturday, 12 May 2012

British is Best

It started off as just a passing interest, but I've developed quite a love for all things Royal. I think it was Rachel Ashwell that started it - her gorgeous book is full of wonderful pictures, many of which reveal her fondness for a bit of Royalty.

Pretty soon, whilst out rummaging, I would reference things as 'very Rachel Ashwell'.

And now I've started making things as well!

I was given some make-your-own Union Jack paper chains which were easy enough to stick to together and look lovely displayed on my wall!! (See Above)
But I wanted more, and with the Jubilee approaching I decided to take the plunge...

Taking the pages of a delightfully old and tattered copy of 'Cranford' I began inking on the Union Jack motif. And after a few days of patience, as I waited for various sections to dry, I had created a masterpiece! (In my eyes anyway!)

...Miss Jones...

P.S. I dedicate this to my good friend Mother Goose who has helped to fuel this Royal obsession x

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