Saturday, 14 January 2012

Love Hearts

Shopping the other day I was shocked to discover that Valentine's Day is already being advertised!! Although never having been a fan of the day I do love hearts, and consequently was inspired to create these two;

I love anything which has been carefully created using beads and so decided to integrate a few into my design. Beads are quite versatile and I love that they can be used to cover up all manner of mistakes!!

The slightly uneven outline of the hearts gives them a lovely rustic feel, which matches the uneven shapes and sizes of the beads.


Should I make any more? I quite fancy making one with some vintage material on the front, so I'll keep you updated!!

...Miss Jones...


  1. Beautiful the beading and the one in cream and silver is my favorite...such a great idea to leave out the reds! I say make more!!!
    Your newest follower and thank you for visiting and following me...

    1. Thanks very much! I'm trying to churn them out as quickly as possible....
      Very new to the blog thing so thank you for following me!!
      ...Miss Jones...